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Protecting Your Back During The Spring Clean Up

It certainly looks like spring has sprung and in spite of our very mild winter, I for one, am looking forward to the warmer days ahead. I am, however, certainly not looking forward to the dreaded spring cleanup. It seems like every year we accumulate more junk, more dirt and more weeds than the year before and of course, this creates more work With this increased work comes more lifting and bending. With this increased lifting/bending comes more stress on the back and with this increase back stress comes the increase risk of injury. Most of us have been relatively inactive through the winter months. This, coupled with poor lifting posture, is a recipe for disaster. This report will share with you the most common injuries and how to avoid them. Start with the basic principles and then move on from there.

Basic Principle #1: keep the curve. You will have power, strength and stability when the lower back and neck stay in the neutral, curved position. Push your buttock back (hip hinge) and keep your head straight when bending forward.



Basic Principle #2avoid lifting until after the first 1-2 hours after waking. The disc is “hydrophilic” meaning that it likes water. In the morning, after lying for 6-8 hours, the disc swells, much like a sponge. This results in increased discal pressure. During the day, as we walk, stand and sit, the water will be squeezed out, thus decreasing pressure.

Basic Principle #3change positions frequently. Don’t stay in any one position too long.  

Basic Principle #4keep the load close to the body and equally distributed (balanced)

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